Boxed Murder Games

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Flexi-Party Murder Games

Play with ANY combination of 6-14 guests
• No-one is 'bolted on', everyone's a suspect
• The murderer is chosen on the night so 'no shows' are fine
• Host can play
• Re-usable hinged product tin


Red Herring Murder Mystery Games

Downloadable Murder Mystery Games with a VAST number of settings and plots!


Crime Time Murder Games

Download or boxed games - buy the gift card on amazon and let the recipeient decide what to buy! or just choose the item you want


Murder a la Carte Murder Mysteries

A well known and much loved range of Murder Games now including the Agatha Cristie, Raymond Chandler and Sherlock Holmes titles as well as the Inspector McClue range. We've put them all under the Murder a la Carte catagory as these are all from the same publisher and usually refered to as Murder a la Carte. The best known is the Brie, the Bullet and the Black Cat.


Ace Murder Mystery

These highly acclaimed murder mystery games feature famous faces and familiar places from the wonderful world of fact and fiction. With a magical mixture of powerful plots and terrific twists, cleverly concealed clues and side-splitting scripts, Ace have created a classic range of murder mystery parties that are simply sensational!

Designed for 8-10 players, these great games provide all you need to host the perfect murder mystery party in your own home.


Cheatwell Games Murdey Mystery

Host Your Own Murder Murder Mysteries - Host a dinner party with a difference! Widely recognised as being among the best Murder Mystery games on the market, these great value party packs come complete with invitations, menu suggestions, tips on home decoration and the mystery solution on audio CD.

All Cheatwell murder mysteries now come in attractive and appealing presentation tins


Other Murder Mystery Games

We sometimes get the odd game in from other suppliers or 2nd hand now and then. This is the place to look for cheap bargains.


Online Catalogue |  Boxed Murder Games