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IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the Ultimate Murder Mystery range, we do not sell these games directly, we provide links to companies who do.
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Crime Time Murder Games

Download or boxed games - buy the gift card on amazon and let the recipeient decide what to buy! or just choose the item you want


Red Herring Murder Mystery Games

Downloadable Murder Mystery Games with a VAST number of settings and plots!


Dinner and a Murder by DMMG

These games are highly recommended. You will be sent to the DMMG website where you can buy the games - we do NOT take payment ourselves. DMMG have a load of great resoures too such as online forums to discuss the games they produce and support pages that help you to plan your game. Each game has a freely available character description and supporting information so you can be sure its the right game before you buy.


Host a Murder Mystery Party

Host a Murder Mystery Party is a website with a vast range of downloadable Murder and Mystery party games for adults, teens and kids. The great thing about these games is the ability to customise them to accomodate the guests you have. There is also a load of feedback on teh site, so you can see how pleased customers have been with these games.

They also offer teambuilding and corporate versions of some games too.


Online Catalogue |  Downloaded Murder Games